Campus Events!

When people think about living on campus during the summer they think that there really isn’t going to be that many events. Well they are definitely wrong about that. There may not be football games or basketball game but there are definitely several things you can go out and do on campus.

One thing for example is the Games Exhibit. People are able to go and test their skills with about different sports from the past to the present. The exhibit is available June 21st till  August 22nd at the Georgia Southern Museum, Rosenwald Building on the Georgia Southern Campus.  If you are the type of person that loves all types of sports this is the event for you.

Another event on campus during the summer is Bubbles. Bubble is an exhibit solely dedicated to Bubbles. It is good for all ages and is held at the  Georgia Southern Museum as well. The exhibit lets you build bubble walls while also experience what it is like inside of a bubble. Going to this exhibit will also help you understand the scientific aspect of the creating something out of soap. This exhibit is open July 19th through September 12th. So if you are living in Statesboro this summer make sure you make it to the exhibit when you get back onto campus.

I find it very important to get involved in school events. When i am on campus i love going around and seeing everything that is happening. I wish I was on campus for this summer seeing the exhibits that are offered makes me want to go down and visit. Hopefully you get out and go see these exhibits.

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My Social Media Policy

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect

When someone wants to be a friend they i prefer for then to let me know how they know who i am and why they want to follow me/add me. I don’t like being friends or have people following me that i do not know.

2. Follow, add, friend: [your subhead here]

When it comes to adding new friends or having people follow I am very particular. I am definitely the type of person that looks into who i am adding. If I have no idea who they are then I don’t add them. I don’t like having people as a friend that i do not know

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: personal info and pictures

When is comes to privacy, boundaries and safety I definitely watch what I put up on Facebook and on Twitter. I don’t put out an any information about my self that is over the top. I don’t like for people to know everything about me. i am a very private person when it comes to the internet. When you are not my friend you are not able to see anything about me. and when you are my friend there are certain things you are not able to see including photos I am tagged in, videos, and some personal information.

4. Signal to noise: Invites

I get very annoyed when I am invited into stupid groups like Farmville, and lost number groups. I just don’t see that point of all of that stuff.

5. Personal data and sharing: My personal information on the internet

When it comes to what i share on the internet it is very limited. I am not the type of person to share personal information all over the internet. I have what i think is important on the internet and nothing more than that

6. My networking needs and uses:  Facebook vs. Twitter

I use Facebook to keep up with friends and to see how my family is when i am not home or when i haven’t seen them in a while. I like Facebook a lot more than i do twitter i am able to see more about whats going on. I am new to Twitter but i like it for when i just have to post things that i am doing.

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Podcast are very interesting to me in many different ways. When i watch them i think about watching a mini show of something. The great thing about podcast is you listen to so much in such a short amount of time. I really like Chelsea Lately’s Podcast. She is an all around funny person.

Podcast are not my number one thing to watch. i would rather just sit down, relax and watch a full TV show on something. One podcast that i really am not happy with for some reason is the CNN podcast. yes they get straight to the point but i would rather watch the news and get the full coverage on the situations around the globe.

For me all around i am not impressed by podcast. i appreciate the  funny one but other than that they dont do much for me. podcast might be for some people but they just arent for me.

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Digital Dirt

When people upload pictures and change there statuses they don’t think about how they will be perceived by other people. When people are job hunting the employers look for the pictures, videos, and post of their future employees. Most employers do not want employees that post inappropriate things about themselves. In one article on CNN they say that “job seekers should not only manage how they come across in person, but on the Web, too.” that says alot about what this generation is about.

Employers are not the only people that look at the things your post online. The parents around you along with your parents look at everything that you put online. Some parents that are very conservative  and see kids with inappropriate post wont let there kids hang out with the kids who cant hold themselves together. Your peers and your peers parents do look at what is posted online and it can jeopardize the rest of your life.

Before you post anything online you need to make sure and think about what is more important posting a picture or a post about your crazy night or having an amazing future. you might think in the moment that it is a good idea to post a sexy scandalous picture of you all over the internet but please take a minute and remember your not the only one looking at the picture. In the article above they stated that it is the same concept of the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well what happens on the internet stays on the internet. My advice to anyone that has a Facebook or a Twitter or another form of personal information on the internet, think before you post. you don’t know who is going to see it.

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Starting a twitter!

When i first started my twitter account I was very unsure about the whole experience. After i got started with it I started to really like it. i really enjoy just putting down what i am thinking and what i am going through into words without talking it out to people.My Twitter is (clarkmal) and i have made it something that i love to use. I see Twitter as a new place to free yourself. I truely think that I will be using twitter after this assignment is over.  while using Twitter i was able to see what some people that I never see and what they were doing. I love having that available to me. I enjoy having a Twitter over a Blog but that is just because i am not the best writer and i am able to get straight to the point with Twitter. The first few days of using Twitter i was very confused about how exactly it work and what was the exact point of using Twitter. But as the one week of Twitter went by i started to learn a lot more. Such as reply to a Twitter that some one posted. Other thing i learned is being able to express what i think or what i am doing in 140 characters or less. i know that after this class is over i will be using Twitter and keeping up with everything i am doing and what everyone else is doing. I am very happy that i was introduced to Twitter!  Continue reading

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